Amazon Deal of the Day: Save 51% on the Cinderella or Toy Story 3D Blu-ray Trilogies

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Like many of you, I’m sure, the first thing I thought was, “Wait, there were Cinderella sequels?” Apparently so. And you can get them both in a jewelry box with the original film–or pick up the 3D versions of all three Toy Story movies–for more than half off as part of today’s Amazon Gold Box.

A few caveats. Apparently, the jewelry box included with the Cinderella Trilogy is kinda crap (no big shock there), and the cardboard sleeves that house the six Blu-ray discs don’t do an amazing job of protecting them. Both are probably things you can forgive for $44.49, but they’re worth noting.

As for the Toy Story Trilogy, this caveat is a big’un: the Blu-ray 3D box set DOES NOT INCLUDE 2D Blu-ray versions of the films! If you want the films in 1080p 2D, buy the individual sets instead. If, on the other hand, you’re fine with only the Blu-ray 3D — no DVD, no digital download, no extras — you’re probably not going to find this one much cheaper than $48.99 anytime soon.

Amazon Gold Box Deal of the Day: Save 51% on the Cinderella or Toy Story Trilogies

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