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Sometimes you receive a press release for a website re-launch, and you’re like, “Really? This is news?”

Other times you receive a press release for a website re-launch, and you’re like, “Holy crap, I didn’t know that was actually a thing!”

I’m a huge fan of home theater. I love movies, music, and video games.

I’m also married.

For me, that means that, until I get a man-cave, I have to balance form with function. and form usually wins. I share “my” home theater room with three other people, whose needs for the space don’t necessarily entirely mesh with my own. Crammed into a space roughly the size of the box my wife’s last pair of boots came in, I have: three gaming consoles, a receiver, a cable box, a WDTV media player, external hard drive, an Apple TV, several power supplies, a partridge, and a pear tree.

So when a friend of mine recently tried to convert me to a large-form, full-on Media Center, I actually LOL-ed at him. He reasoned that for $300, I could put together a PC and have a slick interface for my media-browsing needs, along with gobs of storage. I glanced at my cabinet – the one that looks like one of the Blue Man Group trying to stuff one last marshmallow into his mouth, and asked, “Where am I going to put it?”

So when sent out a press release promoting the new redesign of their website for, a site dedicated to small-form-factor PCs, I naturally got more excited about the product I didn’t know existed more than the website I didn’t know existed, either. specializes in PCs that range in size from roughly a deck of cards up to small-PC size.  They even have fanless models, for when noise and power consumption are a concern. “Aha!”, I said, “Now this is something that I could get behind!”

From their press release:

The new web portal features a wide selection of small sized computer products that are built to address the demanding applications of industry. Product designs such as; high performance processors, fanless/dust-free, low power consumption, multi i/o ports, expansion slot and mobile/vehicle machines are available as standard products that can be configured to fit the exact needs of the application.

“Over 10 years ago we launched our first website and product line which has been very successful resulting in tens of thousands of systems being deployed all over the world. The new version of the website was released today as we continue to support the growing small form and embedded PC market.” stated Ed Boutilier CEO of Inc.

Browse through their selection and I think you’ll be impressed by the variety and specs of the models on display. You truly can find something for every PC need in there. Now I’m having dreams of something with the power of a fully-functional Death Star – I mean, media center – without adding to my living room’s footprint at all. That’s something even my wife could approve.

But, one day, a man cave…

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