Amazon Deal of the Day: The Mel Brooks Collection on Blu-ray… Again

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If you missed Amazon’s Deal of the Day on Mel Brooks Collection on Blu-ray in July, here’s your chance to snag for an even cheaper price. Today’s Gold Box features the set at an incredibly low $25.99, which breaks down to $2.89 apiece for such classics as Blazing Saddles, Spaceballs, Young Frankenstein, High Anxiety, History Of The World Part 1, Robin Hood: Men In Tights, Silent Movie, To Be Or Not To Be, and The Twelve Chairs.

Yesterday, the set cost $46.49. Tomorrow, it’ll probably be back to somewhere close to the same. And while I’m hesitant to say you’ll probably never see this set for this low a price again, given Amazon’s penchant for randomly offering it at at ridiculously low new prices every few months, $25.99 is still a hard deal to pass up.

Buy it now at Amazon: Mel Brooks Collection (Blu-ray)

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