Gefen Intros ToolBox Extender for HDMI w/POL

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HDBaseT is a great solution for sending HDMI over long distances, but the cost of HDBaseT extenders can often be a limiting factor.  Add in the additional power needs (read: hide a wall wart power supply), and sometimes HDBaseT extenders aren’t quite the magic bullet they seemed to be when you first glanced at them.

Gefen aims to solve both of those issues with a magic bullet of their own.  The ToolBox Extender for HDMI w/ Power Over Line (POL) is a HDBaseT extender that operates via a single Cat-6 (or 5e) cable.  It works with all HD sources using HDMI and has support for multi-channel audio, 1080p full HD, and 3DTV pass-through.  There is also support for IR pass through.  Cat-6 cable allows for 230 feet from transmitter to receiver, while Cat-5e allows for 198 feet.

The magic comes in with the Power Over Line, or POL, feature.  While the receiver ships with its own 24v power supply, the receiver can be powered by the transmitter, eliminating the need for the wall wart at your display.  This will make clean wall mount installations a breeze.  Add in an enclosure with provisions for surface mounting, along with the enclosure’s black or white finish, and you’ve suddenly got a very useful little box.

At a price point of $399, the ToolBox Extender for HDMI w/ POL deserves a look whenever you’re looking for an easily deployed HDBaseT solution.

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