New WD TV Owners Get $25 in Vudu Rental Credits

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If you bought a WD TV box, or — if circumstantial evidence is correct — generated your Vudu account on your WD TV after June 2012, you’ve got $25 in Vudu credits coming your way. Make sure your firmware is updated, and click on the WD Offers tab. If you make a new account, you’ll be rewarded with $25 in Vudu credit after entering the code it gives you. If you have a pre-existing account, you’ll get somewhat less, but it’s still good for a bunch of rentals for the holidays.

Vudu, a subsidiary of Wal-Mart has pioneered the “disc to digital” program, where customers can pay a small fee and have their existing Blu-ray and DVD movies added to their UltraViolet accounts. WD TV is Western Digital’s multimedia playback platform, which incorporates standard apps like Hulu or Netflix with hardware and software to store and play back virtually every major DRM-free file format in use today. Just beware, while the WDTV claims to support the download of HDX quality movies from Vudu, it won’t actually use them and will stream anyway for some reason that to my knowledge Western Digital has yet to fix. So save yourself that 8 gigs of bandwidth, and instead stream the best you’re able for the half dozen movies this credit will buy you.

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