Stash of Ultra-rare Akira Blu-ray Discs Found and Going Fast

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RightStuf has somehow dug up a stash of Akira Blu-rays and is selling them for $29.99, which is pretty amazing when you consider that this disc is far out of print, and sells for nearly $100 on Amazon. So snag this one while you can.

Not only is Akira one of those beloved anime films of all time, the disc is notable for audiophiles as the only film available to feature a 192khz/24-Bit Dolby TrueHD  5.1 soundtrack. Mastered from the original analog stems, this is the ultimate quality for any film to be presented in, and took a Dolby engineering team to successfully make it fit on the disc with the 1080p film image.

Get them while they’re hot, becaose once they’re gone, they’re gone. Please note that this is likely a later pressing without the slipcover or booklet.

Via: [RightStuf]

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