X-Files Possibly Coming to Blu-ray in 2013

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Ever since CBS announced their Star Trek: The Next Generation Remastered project, fans of other genre programming stuck in the tape-mastering era have been  hoping for their favorite shows to get an HD makeover, and it looks like Fox may be the first fish to bite.

The timing on this is a little interesting. There’s been a third X-Files movie bandied about for a while now that was supposed to celebrate the series endgame of the Mayan 2012 doomsday that any smart marketer would want to cross promote with. Sadly, that end cap for the series is less and less likely to materialize with each passing day, and so Fox Television has likely just decided to go for it. At any rate, with nine seasons to remaster, if the movie does happen, they’ll likely have a newly remastered season to cross-promote it with.

Thankfully for Fox, X-Files was big on practical effects, and so the need to re-do visual effects shots is rather low, making this a simple film-scan re-assembly job. Those that want other Fox programming like 24 (the movie is likely shooting in April, and already exists in across the board HD), Buffy/Angel (Angel is already HD, Buffy will probably still look bad for the first two seasons no matter what you do because of 16mm film and low budgets) should consider picking up X-Files if there’s any interest at all, because just like the show lit off the TV-on-DVD industry with its explosive sales (5-600% over best estimates at the time), hopefully it’ll help pop more remasters not only from Fox, but other outfits like Universal, who has already constructed HD masters of most of their ’80s action programming like Knight Rider, A-Team, and Quantum Leap.

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