Klipsch Adds New Sharing and Wireless Abilities to Gallery G-17 Air

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You’re sitting around your living room, and you’re playing some songs for your friends, who then decide that they just have to share the stuff they have living on their mobile. So you get up, unplug, re-sync, and finally you’re ready to listen to some music. Klipsch’s G-17 Air Wireless Sound System takes all of that frustration out of sharing and listening, and a couple of new updates enhance the experience even more. Anyone with the Klipsh Air app can connect to the built-in wireless hotspot or local Wi-Fi network and cue up their music on the master playlist via a new featured called KlipschCast. Wherever you are, as long as the G-17 has power, your tunes — and your friends’ tunes — live and breath in your own personal cloud of ultimate sonic selection.

Right now wireless connectivity only supports Apple’s AirPlay, available on most iOS devices, but a USB connector supports a multitude of other MP3 sources.

Via: [Klipsch]

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