Sony Begins Licensing XAVC to Adobe, Apple, and Others in Preperation for Ultra HD

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Sony’s newest camera bodies, the PMW-F5/F55, can shoot 4k resolution at up to 60 fps, and 180fps for standard 1080p performance, but they need a new codec to drive the new spec, and that codec is an evolution of the current codec, XAVC. Software development kits have already gone out to all the majors to ensure on-set and post-production compatibility. Here’s a list of the platforms supported by the new XAVC 4K codec:

  • On Set Dailies
    ASSIMILATE, Codex, Colorfront, FilmLight, MTI Film, YoYotta
  • Color Grading and Compositing
    ASSIMILATE, FilmLight, Quantel
  • Non-Linear Editing
    Adobe CS6(Rovi Total Code Plug-in), Avid, Final Cut Pro X, Grass Valley, Quantel, Rovi, Sony Vegas Pro 12
  • Software Codecs
    Rovi MainConcept SDK
  • Codec Board (Hardware)

It’s very safe to assume that Sony will be submitting XAVC for the eventual 4K home video formats when Ultra HD finally hits the market. With the first sets being shown at CES in January, we can assume that Sony will have a good selection of 4K mastered titles to support them when they finally hit retail sometime over the next two years.

Via: [AVWatch] (Japanese)

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