Cinemark Tries to Lure Polite Moviegoers Out of the Home Theater and Back into the Cinema

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So many people have abandoned traditional theaters for the comforts of high-quality home presentation because of texters and phone talkers ruining the movie-watching experience. If you’re one of those people, Cinemark may become a safer haven for you. If you activate CineMode in the company’s Android or iOS app, and can refrain from touching your phone for the duration of the film, you’ll automatically get some kind of coupon or reward credited to your account. The app will also automatically dim your screen and remind you to turn on silent mode. If this doesn’t work, the execs claim that they’ll consider scheduling “phone permissable” screenings.

Personally, I think the proposed screenings that disallow phones altogether–just as some chains now do with small children–would be far more popular. With reasonable people, at any rate.

Via: [Deadline]

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