Amazon Prime Now Has a $7.99 Month-to-Month Option

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Just in time for holiday shopping, Amazon Prime has introduced a $7.99 monthly option for those that don’t feel they need it all year ’round. Included in the package are all the benefits of the 12-month version, including streaming video, but given that it would be tough watch the entire run of the Amazon exclusives like West Wing and Fringe in one 30 day period — assuming you have a job and actually sleep, anyway — this option is more geared at those who want to catch up on the odd missed season of a favorite show, or taking advantage of free two-day shipping for the holidays.

As an admitted bargain hunter and cheapskate, I often find myself in the “what can I buy to hit $25 for free slow shipping?” mode, especially during the holiday “consume mass quantities” season when random sales and irresistible price drops pop up. That $7.99 I’m going to spend this month will probably pay for itself several times over in wasted scouring for Super Saver padding. That and watching West Wing while I’m doing it will probably distract me until the credit card bill comes in.

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