Warner Archives Goes Blu with Some Great Titles

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Some of the deeper catalog titles simply aren’t practical to keep in the warehouse these days, but Warner knows their value to the community, and to keeping the history of film alive, and so they formed the Warner Archives, a “print on demand” service that allows them to serve the eclectic without breaking the bank.

It’s been a hugely successful service for DVD, but Blu-ray is a bit of a different game. BD-R services aren’t quite there yet, so I expect they’ll be printing small batches, 500-1000 at a time. The first two titles, Deathtrap and Gypsy! will be available next week at $21.99. February brings one of my very favorite movies, The Hudsucker Proxy, and the classic Jeff Bridges film Fearless, truly some heavy hitters from the archives crew, who are promising high quality 1080p masters for all their titles. Bring it on, and long live the Hud!

Via: [The Digital Bits]

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