Media Décor and Leon Speakers Team Up on New Mount

Sections: AV Furniture, Soundbars, Speakers

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We’ve written a lot about soundbars here at HomeTechTell, and we’ve also had a thing or two to say about mounts. If you’ve heard enough about both, I get it–I’m getting tired of writing about them too. But Media Décor and Leon made me take a second look at a news release I normally would have dismissed. So hang in here for just a second, if you don’t mind.

The Edge is a custom-made, flat-panel display mount that features an integrated Leon Horizon soundbar. The Edge, which has a depth of just three inches from the wall to the front of its casing, is designed to encase any surface-mounted “ultra-thin” television.  The Edge includes leveling and horizontal and vertical adjustments–the mount can also tilt out up to 20 degrees.

Leon’s integrated sound bar has 2.5″midrange woofers and 22mm cloth dome tweeters. The system’s total power is 65 watts, and the speaker has modes for LCR, LR, or center-channel operation.

The mount is available in cherry, walnut, maple, or espresso finishes with magnetic attachment. Media Décor is also offering a version of The Edge without Leon’s sound bar. For more information visit Media Décor.

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