Top Gun 3D Leaving the Danger Zone for Your Home

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Director Tony Scott’s death a few months back put a sidewinder missile into proposed sequel plans for Top Gun, but its 3D conversion, which Scott completed shortly before his death, went into limbo. Outed briefly by a listing on, the title looks headed for Blu-ray 3D, and likely a Raiders of the Lost Ark-style one-week IMAX run this February.

Tentatively priced at $39.99, according to the now-missing listing, Top Gun should be an incredible test of current 3D conversion technologies given its high action and the epic environments in which its fighter sequences take place. I know the thought of seeing this amazing real-life fighter photography on an IMAX screen takes my breath away, and 3D will either be amazing or a total disappointment. Either way, we lost an amazing filmmaker in Tony Scott, and just the thought of what we could have gotten had he been given modern IMAX 3D cameras and the same scenario is probably mere fantasy now.  Rest in peace.

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