Disney Movies Online is Closing; Is Disney Going Ultraviolet?

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Disney had the same idea as a lot of the rest of the industry all on their lonesome. They started their own streaming and digital distribution service called Disney Movies Online a few years back, which allowed people to purchase cheap streaming versions of their favorite titles that were registered with Disney Movie rewards.

They hung onto it as more and more of the major studios embraced UltraViolet, and after Prometheus‘ release last month, they stand alone as the only major not on the UltraViolet train. This week, in an email, Disney announced the closure of DMO.

Dear Guest,

Disney Movies Online is closing on December 31st. As part of this change, purchases, upgrades, and Magic Code entries can no longer be made on the Disney Movies Online website. You can continue to stream your existing movies until December 31st.

You can still enter Magic Codes on, and Disney Movies Rewards services will not be interrupted. You can also continue to use your Disney member name and password to access and enjoy other Disney websites. In addition, if you purchased a Disney Combo pack with Digital Copy, your Digital Copy can still be transferred and watched from either iTunes or Windows Media Player. Please visit our FAQs for more details.

We truly appreciate your support of our service—we have enjoyed serving you!

Best regards,
The Disney Movies Online Team

Well, it doesn’t take a lot to set off speculation that Disney has finally decided to join the rest of the industry in the unified Ultraviolet streaming and digital locker system. Their first big release after the deadline is Peter Pan, and I don’t think anyone will be surprised if it’s carrying a digital copy of a different color.

Those who have purchased movies from DMO can get a refund on them at the source link.

Via: [Disney Movie Online]

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