Sony 4K TVs Will Come with “4K Delivery System” Stocked with 4K Feature Films

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Given that there’s no broadcast standard or other sources for 4K material at the moment, Sony had to do something to sweeten the deal for its new Ultra HD TVs, which are shipping in a matter of weeks. So the company decided to take content matters into its own hands. According to the Sony Blog:

In the next couple of weeks, the XBR-84X900 television will ship to customers who placed pre-orders since the product introduction in September. As an extra bonus, included free with the purchase will be the world’s first 4K Ultra HD delivery solution, complete with pre-loaded, native 4K entertainment. Not some goofy 4K content shot as a demo. I’m talking full length feature Hollywood productions, and available exclusively to purchasers of Sony’s 84” 4K Ultra HD TV.

We can probably assume that The Amazing Spider-Man, a full bore 4K native production, stands a halfway decent chance of being one of those movies, along with a few more of the latest and greatest hits. No word on how additional movies will get into the system, but we can assume that it’s some form of download, direct or indirect. But hey, for $25k, what’s a few free movies between friends, right?

Via: [Sony Blog]

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  • Steve

    So, Sony thinks by throwing in a few movies, that will make it all good?

  • Jeff Kleist

    It’s really hard to sell a product with nothign that can actually use it. It’s kind a the reverse DTS HD Master Audio. It was what, a year before there were decoders? I don’t think Sony has any illusions about the smal number of sets they’re going to be selling, mostly going into rich people’s houses and commercial installations

    You still have to have something to show people to get them interested in it. Even though sub-$3000 sets are probably at least 4-5 years away they still have to know it’s there so they can want it