Your Spent Electric Car Battery May Be Your Home’s New UPS

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If Hurricane Sandy taught us anything, it’s that people need backups to their home’s electrical systems. For some people, power outages are a regular occurrence, and they can last anywhere from minutes to days.

As electric cars become more popular, the rechargeable batteries in them are going to wear out. Luckily, unlike iPhones, the cars are designed to have their batteries replaced. Here’s the thing: These batteries still can hold a lot of useful charge after they’re no longer suitable to provide reliable getup and go for an auto. Recycle them? Sure, good idea, but what if they were recyclable in a great way that benefits humanity? Via ABB Conversations comes this idea:

Did you know that, in most cases, when a Chevy Volt EV (electric vehicle) battery reaches the end of its life in an automotive capacity only 30 percent or less of its life will be used? Rather than throw these “spent” batteries onto a landfill or recycle them, General Motors and ABB last year demonstrated how a Chevrolet Volt battery pack could be used to collect energy and feed it back to the power grid to deliver supplemental power to homes or businesses.

And those batteries are going to be all over the place in about ten years. They can even be used to store power during low-demand periods and supplement the highs (summer air conditioning anyone?). The hard part, making the battery, is already done, so this is a great way to keep toxic chemicals and heavy metals out of the ecosystem awhile longer, and make sure that people stay safe, use less overall power, and keep cool and green at the same time.

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