Monoprice Begins Black Friday Festivities

Sections: Audio, Headphones, Networking, Smart Home

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Many Home Theater Enthusiasts swear by Monoprice as a great source for cheap (but high quality) cables and other accessories you need to keep your home theater looking and sounding great. Often overlooked is that fact that they sell a lot of other stuff, too, much of which is highlighted in the company’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday push. Big deals include a 24-port Ethernet Gigabit Switch for $77, perfect for a whole-house network; high-end HDMI cables for $5 a shot; and a 10-port power center with data and RF protection for $42. Prices may fluctuate throughout the sale, so jump in while the water’s fine, and if it’s too cold, keep watching for it to heat up.

Site: [Monoprice]

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