USA Today Expects TV Deals to Be Abundant During the Holidays

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It’s been a tough few years for TV manufacturers, and that’s left them with a bunch of unsold inventory that retailers are happy to help them get rid of. Starting with Toshiba’s 40″ 1080p set that’s going for a mere $178 at Best Buy as a doorbuster, dollars-per inch — and not features — seem to be the driving force, and add-ons not so much. USA Today has this:

Fewer electronics shoppers, 33% down from 41% last year, said they wanted smart TV features — apps that connect you to streaming movies, social networks, games, news, weather and even exercise, a recent survey by Parks Associates found. But when asked whether they wanted a set that connected to the Internet and sported 3-D, consumer interest rose to 29%, compared with 23% last year.

That small increase could be a sign that shoppers aren’t clear what a smart TV is — or that many sets also have built-in Wi-Fi capability. “If the price is comparable, go ahead and get the smart TV with Internet capabilities,” advises Parks analyst Heather Way.

Frankly, it’s more that SmartTV features benefit countries with low internet device penetration more than they do American consumers. They already bought a Blu-ray player or use their game console to stream Netflix/Hulu/Pandora/Spotify, and don’t see the need to spend the money on another device to do it. 3D features are more tangible, but since the recession is still very much on, people are still watching out for dollar one.

My suggestion? Make sure that whatever TV you buy is a name brand that has been around at least 10 years and is actually well known for making TVs. The money you save down the line in not replacing your disposable TV set, is your own.

Via: [USA Today]

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