Google Attempts an Open AirPlay Clone to Counter Apple and Microsoft

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Microsoft’s SmartGlass program has come as a Windows/Windows Phone/Xbox answer to AirPlay, offering multiple device connectivity and control with almost turnkey ease of use and installation. While SmartGlass is locked to Microsoft devices and software, the big fish –AirPlay — lets your zip content from your iOS device to all manner of docks and receivers and media players. The licensing fees to make an AirPlay compatible device are substantial, though, and Google thinks that they can take advantage of Android’s install base to push an open system. iOS devices aren’t necessarily locked to using AirPlay — Bluetooth is certainly an option — and any app should be able to push music to your device on an open protocol. He who controls the spice controls the universe, and hopefully we can get one universal protocol to keep our media running smoothly in the future. Here’s hoping Google’s new thing is the answer.

Via: [TechHive]

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  • Phil Hamilton

    So what is google’s answer to airplay? seems there really isn’t one?