HTPC Builders Take Note: Hauppauge CableCARD Receiver $49.99 After Rebate at NewEgg

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If you’re an HTPC builder, especially one that uses CableCARD to get your media from your pay TV service into your HTPC, you’re familiar with getting wrung hard for CARD harnesses. How’s this for a deal? You can pick up a dual-tuner USB 2.0 system that will function with Windows Media Center right now, today, for only fifty bucks.

Hauppauge WinTV-DCR-2650 CableCARD is a simple plug and play operation to set up. Just grab a CableCARD from your cable company (instead of a cable box), hook the coaxial feed in, plug it in, and Media Center will recognize it like any other tuner. Then just program your recordings like normal and never think about it again. It’s just that easy, and now it’s yours for 66% off the retail price.

Via: [NewEgg]

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