ABC Moves to Block Dish AutoHop

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Advertising is the lifeblood of the television industry, and for the longest time, DVRs were seen as a gigantic threat to that revenue. As time went on, and tracking systems improved, they learned to stop worrying and love the TiVo, but Dish’s new AutoHop evolution threatens to undo the balance they’ve regained with advertisers.

AutoHop take things a step further and auto-skips commercials for you when watching PrimeTime Anytime recordings, assuming you’re watching those recordings after one a.m. the following morning.

Auto Hop is a great feature for viewers, but in my opinion, ABC and the other networks have reason to treat this differently than people skipping commercials themselves on DVR’d recordings. For one thing, most people actually don’t. Skip the commercials themselves, that is. Doing it automatically gives advertisers a good reason to ignore Dish viewers when it comes time to tally viewership for ad sales. And advertising keeps their shows on the air. Obviously, some kind of compromise can be made, and it’s best for everyone if it’s done quickly, and to the two parties mutual benefit.

Via: [Home Media Magazine]

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