CEA Launches Consumer Electronics Energy Calculator

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From Dealerscope:

The Consumer Electronics Association this week announced the launch of a new Consumer Electronics Energy Calculator tool, located on The tool is meant to estimate the energy usage of a home’s gadgets.

“Studies have shown that the more consumers understand about their energy use, the less energy they are likely to consume,”  Samantha Nevels, coordinator of policy communications for CEA, said in a statement.

This is actually a lot cooler than it sounds. The interactive calculator allows you to drag and drop devices from a list into a little model house, and note how much each device is used/charged on any given day. Once you’ve done you’re dragging and dropping, it gives you a nifty pie chart showing not only how much of your energy bill is being eaten by gadgets and electronics, but the relative percentages used by each category. Granted, it’s not overly precise–a 40+” flat panel TV counts as much as any other 40+” flat panel TV, ignoring the fact that plasmas google a heck of a lot more juice than LED LCDs–but what it lacks in precision and depth, it more than makes up for in ease-of-use and broad applicability.

Check it out now: [Consumer Electronics Energy Calculator]

Via: [Dealerscope]

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