Comcast Making a Move to IP-Based Cable?

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With Verizon already in the process of developing and deploying “daughterbox” based systems for the home to cut down on the deployment and and repairing of cable boxes, it was inevitable that Comcast would follow suit. Their new Humax X-13 based solution has just gone through the FCC. The idea behind all of this is that a single “motherbox” will sit on your home network, much like your cable modem does now, and handle the distribution of everything coming down the cable company’s pipe to all the devices in your house, which may or may not be supplied by that company.

Game consoles like the Xbox 360 already feature apps that can display live television, and new DLNA standards should be in place next year that will make sure that new devices and apps maintain compatibility across devices. Yes Virginia, there could be a Cable-Claus, and hopefully by this time next year, you very well may be able to boot an app on your tablet, Smartphone, TV, or Blu-ray player and skip that $10 rental fee entirely.

Via: [Engadget]

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