SurgeX Adds Crestron & AMX Control Interfaces

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SurgeX is no stranger to these pages, as our own Dennis Burger could be called their chief evangelist, but it’s because they have some pretty great products.  As we aim to be greener and more efficient, as well as protect our sizable electronic investments  products from companies like SurgeX are becoming more and more important.  The Axess & Axess Elite lines introduced earlier this year were a new addition to an already strong lineup of products.  Check out Jeff Kleist’s write-up for a refresher.

One of the selling points of Axess products is potential integration with both Crestron & AMX control systems.  SurgeX has partnered with Control Concepts to make this potential a more concrete reality with new pre-made control modules.  Working for over a year on these control modules, Control Concepts was able to develop the product SurgeX wanted to deliver to its integrators.

Three major points of functionality were sought with the new modules. First, they had to measure energy usage and collect important data about system health. Second, they had to report usage data and overall system performance with the same intuitive interface AMX and Crestron users and dealers were already accustomed too. Lastly, the modules had to allow remote management of IP-enabled SurgeX Axess products so integrators could make sensible adjustments for system troubleshooting and efficiency at any time through the control systems.

Axess products already give integrators a better way to monitor and manage power in a given installation.  Access to a whole host of data and features — including power draw, temperature, over/under voltage, and power sequencing — provides valuable information about system health and performance.  With the Control Concepts modules, SurgeX dealers can now control Axess and Axess Elite products and manage power seamlessly via AMX and Crestron automation systems, leveraging the familiar, user-friendly interfaces.  The beauty of this is that you’re getting a module that not only just controls the Axess product, but gives the integrator access to all the in-depth control, all in one tidy package.

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