Ceton Releases the Echo Media Center Extender, with a Bundle of Android Inside

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Ceton is one of the few companies that really has a foot firmly in the Windows Media Center world, and today they’ve released their new Windows Media Extender, the Echo, to the world, with the addition of Android support. Ceton’s Echo stands out above current solutions like the Xbox  360 as much more approriate for an always-on, low-power device that you can set and forget.

The inclusion of Android is probably part of the explanation of the slight delay in production of the extenders, and an arrow pointing toward the future. With support of Media Center in Windows 8 Embedded in question, this gives Ceton the ability to continue to robustly support their platform in the future, while covering their existing customers are fully as possible. Hypothetically, any media based app currently available on Android — like Netflix, Amazon Instant, HBO GO, Vudu, or UltraViolet — should be supported. So if you’ve been hungering to extend your WMC experience, click the link below to get yours today.

Buy the Ceton Echo – Windows Media Center Extender now at Amazon.

Via: [Engadget]


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