Sony 4K TV Hands-On Reveals File Sizes and New Interface

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The guys over at Engadget had a chance to actually touch the $25,000 beast of a 4K media server shipping with Sony’s new 84-inch Ultra HD TV late last week, and they noticed some specifics as to what we can expect from 4K home media when it get s a little more prevalent.

Checking out The Amazing Spider-Man on the server, they note that the file size came in at 56GB, about a 40% increase over the 1080p Blu-ray disc. This is similar to the additional requirements for 3D Blu-ray, which usually needs about half again the bandwidth to accommodate the second video stream for the other eye.

How new material is ingested still isn’t known, but a system for multiple Blu-rays, or just BDXL compatibility, is the likely method of the day along with external hard drive based options.  It’s almost certain that any retail format will employ even more efficient compression to fit onto standard, easily replicable BD-50s.

More details, including the custom tablet remote, at the source link.

Via: [Engadget]

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