How One Sweet Soul Saved Samsung for $52

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Okay, to be honest, this story actually has next to nothing to do with the world’s largest manufacturer of cell phones and televisions. Except for the name, of course. But you all know of my love for pit bulls, especially those who’ve had it rough in life. So when my friend Kim posted a plea on Facebook — via the Urgent Death Row Dogs page — for someone to rescue a beautiful little pitty mix named Samsung, my heart was swollen before I even realized what his name was.

Samsung was an owner surrender, dumped at Animal Care & Control of NYC because his humans were moving. No behavior problems. No health problems, until he developed kennel cough at the shelter. And because he did develop kennel cough, he was moved to the death row list, with a euthanasia date set for Saturday. So when my friend Mandy posted just a few hours later that she really wanted to adopt, I jumped at the opportunity to share Samsung’s picture. She immediately placed a $52 deposit on him, and, well… I’ll let Mandy tell the story:

I’m a big believer in fate, synchronicity and no coincidences. I clicked on the dog’s profile, which had been shared more than a thousand times from a Web site called Urgent Pets on Death Row, Inc., and indeed, the 18-month-old pit mix was going to be euthanized if no one adopted him. In the past this has happened as early as the morning at Animal Care & Control, and so with no time to lose, I put down the deposit to adopt him the next day, a few minutes before midnight.

“We were all hoping you would come!” one volunteer said, pulling up Samsung’s ID number and chart, and I filled out the adoption papers which asked me things like if the dog grew or got sick would I abandon him. No, no, no.

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