The Muppet Movie is Finally Coming to Blu-ray

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Put me on the spot right now and make me list my desert island discs, and The Muppet Movie would almost certainly be one of them.  The movie, which is nearly 35 years old, has been through a lot, and previous DVD releases had dirt and wear issues, but it looks like Disney has addressed that judging by the trailer embedded below. The songs, the story, and of course the Muppets themselves are positively timeless, so it’s nice to see the film finally restored for the ages.

There’s no date or price on the movie, but it’s likely to be released to coincide with The Muppets 2, which starts filming soon. I just hope that it A) looks as good as Sony’s The Muppets Take Manhattan Blu-ray, and B) comes out at the same time as Great Muppet Caper to complete the collection.

Via: [YouTube]

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