LG Patents a Smart Wine Cooler

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LG has filed a patent that describes a “smart wine cooler.” And no, we’re not talking about a high-IQ Bartles & Jaymes malternative beverage here; LG’s new device includes a camera that scans wine bottles as they’re put in, and feeds the stock or collection information to a tablet app.

1. A mobile terminal, comprising: an output device including a display unit configured to output information; a camera configured to be operated in a wine capturing mode in which a guide box is displayed on the display unit to guide a wine label of a wine bottle to be located within the guide box; and a controller configured to: output a graphical user interface on the display unit allowing a user to input desired wine information; receive the user input desired wine information; capture an image of the wine label displayed on said wine bottle; extract wine identification information by recognizing at least one of characters and symbols from the captured image of the wine label; convert the recognized at least one of characters and symbols into a predetermined text data or image data form; read wine information from a memory that corresponds to the extracted wine identification information; determine that the wine information read from the memory matches with the user input desired wine information; and display the determined information; on the display unit of the mobile terminal information; indicating whether or not the read wine information matches the user input desired wine information.

Presumably the app would suggest the wine to pair with food, or food to pair with the wine, as well as optimum temperatures, breathing time, and other factors important to the proper enjoyment of wine. This is certainly in line with LG’s other Smart appliance initiatives, like their stove, so it’ll be interesting to see what other toys they have in store for the future.

Via: [US Patent Office]

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