Westinghouse Steps Up to the 4K Plate with 110 Inches at CES

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Westinghouse — yes, Westinghouse — will be the next manufacturer to introduce a 4K television to the US market, although I guess what they lack in TV brand prestige, they hope to make up for in size. At 110 inches, Westinghouse’s Ultra HD offering smokes the 84-incher from Sony and LG.

There’s no word on price, but the OEMs that Westinghouse stuff is usually sourced out of are talking somewhere in the $15,000 range, a third cheaper than Sony. It’ll be interesting to see if the people with that kind  of scratch to wave around will go with what is typically seen as a bargain brand based on size alone, or whether they’ll hold out for the two more recognized brands.

It’s obvious the 4K market is really starting to heat up, and I think a lot of the early buyers are going to be doing so for professional installations, and not going into homes, and robustness will be an issue there. We’ll see if Westinghouse has what it takes in a few weeks at CES 2013.

Via: [Engadget]

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