URC Introduces iOS App for Complete Control Systems

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File this one under “I didn’t see this coming.” URC already had a great iOS app on its hands for its Total Control network-based whole-home control systems. Now Complete Control users get to join in on the fun.

In case you’re not clear on the difference between Complete Control and Total Control, the latter is URC’s newer, network-based whole home control system, whereas the former is designed more for one-room solutions, or separate multi-room solutions.

One of the things I really miss from my Complete Control days, though, (as a user, not a programmer) is the completely customizable graphics and buttons. Total Control simplified that with pre-made GUIs containing just about every button you could ever need, with a look and feel that remains consistent from device-to-device. The Complete Control iOS app maintains the complete customizability of its respective control system.

Granted, if you’re using an old MRF-350 RF-to-IR base station with your Complete Control system, there is one component you’ll have to upgrade: the new app is designed to work with the company’s MRX-1 Network Base Station (which serves rare double-duty as both a Complete Control and Total Control product). And, of course, you’ll have to pay the one-time $199 setup fee for iOS devices, which is good for virtually unlimited iDoodads.

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