Never Going Back Again? Yeah Right. Here Comes Another Version of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours

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The 2004 remastered Deluxe Edition of Fleetwood Mac: Rumours was everything such a release should be. First and foremost, the remaster was actually an improvement over the original, not a cranked up, overly compressed travesty. The extra tracks were also nice, and best of all, it was cheap.

So I’m more than a weensy bit nervous that the band have announced yet another new version of what may well be my all-time favorite album. This time, the disc-count has been raised to three for the Expanded Edition release (or six for the new new new Deluxe Edition), although thankfully the word “remastered” doesn’t appear anywhere in the official announcement, so maybe they’ve stuck with the superb job they did in 2004 and this time it’s just about the goodies.

Those goodies are pretty cool, mind you. The new Expanded Edition includes the original album, plus “Silver Springs,” on disc one, a disc of 12 live tracks from the 1977 Rumours tour, and a third disc called More from the Recording Sessions that includes:

1. “Second Hand News” (Early Take)
2. “Dreams” (Take 2)
3. “Never Going Back Again” (Acoustic Duet)
4. “Go Your Own Way” (Early Take)
5. “Songbird” (Demo)
6. “Songbird” (Instrumental, Take 10)
7. “I Don’t Want To Know” (Early Take)
8. “Keep Me There” (Instrumental)
9. “The Chain” (Demo)
10. “Keep Me There” (With Vocal)
11. “Gold Dust Woman” (Early Take)
12. “Oh Daddy” (Early Take)
13. “Silver Springs” (Early Take)
14. “Planets Of The Universe” (Demo)
15. “Doesn’t Anything Last” (Acoustic Duet)
16. “Never Going Back Again” (Instrumental)

Note: that’s a wholly different set of tracks from what appeared on the 2004 Roughs & Outtakes disc from the old Deluxe Edition. If you missed that disc and want it, too, you’ll want to opt for the new Deluxe Edition, which includes all three discs from this new Expanded Edition, the 2004 Roughs & Outtakes disc, the album on 140-gram vinyl, and a DVD containing The Rosebud Film (a 1977 documentary of interviews, rehearsals, and concert footage) by Michael Collins. That gargantuan box will set you back $99.99 (or $83.33 at Amazon, although why they didn’t include the surround sound remix from the excellent DVD-A release of the album in one format or another is beyond me.

But wait! There’s more! If you’re interested in getting all of that digitally and don’t necessarily need the vinyl, the Deluxe Edition will also be available via iTunes (including The Rosebud Film) for $29.99.

Pre-order now:
Rumours Expanded Edition (3xCD) at Amazon
Rumours Deluxe Edition (3xCD, DVD, LP) at Amazon
Rumours Deluxe Edition Digital at iTunes

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