Warner Bros. Plans Extensive Double Features with Paramount Library

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According to a talk that Home Theater Forum representatives attented to preview plans for WB’s 90th Anniversary, the studio plans to continue their double feature lineup, except they’re branching a bit outside their own catalog to team Warners gems with Paramount’s classics to create some of the ultimate double features:

…I think you know that Paramount has licensed nearly 700 films to Warner Brothers — that’s really unprecedented, I mean, MGM has done that for years because they don’t have much of an infrastructure, but that’s the only other arrangement in the business historically where a studio licensed their films to a competitor.  I think it speaks to the fact that, they didn’t have the infrastructure at Paramount to deal with their product the way they should have and they felt that we were the right partner to do it with.  So we’re excited about that.

You’re going to see some incredible products coming from Warner Brothers with Paramount next year.  We’re basically going to co-mingle the libraries.  Together we’re going to create multi-features that are totally logical and then we think there will be great consumer demand for.  I’ll give you an example.  Two of the biggest epic religious films of all time Ben-Hur and The Ten Commandments, well, we got Ben-Hur at Warner Brothers and of course then The Ten Commandments was with Paramount.  We’re going to do a double feature on Blu-ray and standard definition of that.  We are going to take two of Bogart’s greatest films Casablanca and The African Queen and put them together.  So this is the kind of thing that we’re going to be doing. [These were just announced]

I just want to know how much longer I have to wait for Tucker: A Man and His Dream on Blu-ray. Maybe pair it with Bullit? Or Searching for Bobby Fisher and August Rush? In any case, it sounds like the long Paramount catalog drought may be about to end. Bring it on!

Via: [Home Theater Forum]

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