Vantage Equinox LCD Keypads Now Available

Sections: Lighting control, Remote control, Smart Home

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I first reported on the Equinox LCD Keypads from Vantage at the 2012 CEDIA Expo. One of those models, the Equinox 4, is now available, with the larger Equinox 7 following in the second quarter of 2013.

The Equinox 4, with edge-to-edge glass display, retails for $550. The keypad includes presence detection and light sensors to automatically wake up to a desired scenario and adjust to ambient light conditions. Users will be able to design lighting scenes, and with the help of a custom installer can configure the Equinox to display temperature, climate controls, and local weather forecasts.

With the new Equinox family, Vantage is aiming for a unified physical structure and a consistent graphical aesthetic. The keypads I saw on display at CEDIA certainly had that — the Equinox 4 would look great on any  wall and the interface is pretty slick.

In other Vantage news, the company recently completed an installation ONE UN New York luxury hotel in New York City. The property is using Vantage light and climate controls, and will be using Vantage mult-language controls in its high-end West Tower.

For more information visit Vantage or call 800.5559891.

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