Google Fiber Expands into Five Additional Kansas Communities in 2013

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Google Fiber — the ridiculously fast internet and TVservice presently limited to Kansas City — is about to roll out to five new communities in Kansas. Families in Piper Schools, Delaware Ridge, Painted Hills, Open Door, and Arrowhead will be able to sign up soon for cable service and gigabit-capable internet that’s three times faster than the closest competition.

Scoring highest on Netflix’s speed and consistancy scale, Google just began deployment of the new service last month in their effort to expand beyond computer-based services, and into every aspect of the home. While many users stare at those high speeds with envy, Google is unlikely to expand into any markets already covered by Verizon’s FiOS service.

As television consumption moves more and more to the Internet, one has to wonder if services like Google Fiber (and FiOS and U-Verse) are at the forefront of a revolution that will see cable monoopolies come to an end, and actual competition introduced into the marketplace like telephone long distance in the 1990s. Either way, it’s a development to watch for the potential haves, and to stare at longingly for the have-nots. After all,  I still can’t figure out why I need gigabit internet, but I know I want it anyway!

If you live in the zone, and want to move to Google, then you have to sign up by the following dates for the initial wave of installations:

Piper Schools, Jan. 31;

Delaware Ridge, Feb. 14

Painted Hills, Feb. 28

Open Door, Feb. 28

Arrowhead, March 7

Via: [PC Magazine]

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