LG’s New Magic Remote Will Finally Understand You

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The real dream of all TV viewers is that scene in Back to the Future Part II, where they just walk into the house and they tell the TV the channel they want, and it flicks on like magic. LG thinks that it’s brought us one step closer to that reality, with the new Magic remote, which supports traditional button-pressing, gesture, and even natural speech.

“LG is committed to providing innovative home entertainment solutions and the Magic Remote is a key pillar of the CINEMA 3D Smart TV user experience,” said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company. “Building on an already impressive feature set, the latest version boasts accurate lan-guage recognition and its gesture, wheel and point control options makes the Magic Remote stand out amongst its competition as a truly intuitive device.”

The LG Magic Remote’s sophisticated voice control technology makes issuing a verbal command to the TV both simple and effective. New Natural Language Recognition software makes giving voice commands as easy as regular speech and allows the user to talk in a more conversational manner. No longer is there a need for an awkward pause between the command and the title to be viewed, users can simply say “Show me Gangnam Style video” and the new Magic Remote will understand.

Gesture controls can be assigned to commonly used operations, and a scroll wheel is useful both in apps and for quickly running through channel listings. The remote comes in two flavors, with the premium version shipping with LG’s highest-end sets. The premium sports LED backlighting and repositioned buttons for maximum comfort and ease of use (typically code for “…if you’re not left handed”). The new Magic Remote will be on exhibition at CES 2013 next month.

Via: [AME Info]

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