Update Adds Functionality to Ceton Echo Media Center Extender

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It’s amazing how quickly technology can change these days. In my review last week of the Ceton Echo Media Center Extender, I had to admit that it wasn’t quite ready for prime time out of the box. It had issues with pre-sets, resolutions, and such that made the darn thing a wacky experience. Thankfully, it seems all that unpleasantness is behind us with their new firmware update:

We have been hard at work resolving issues and conducting beta tests with hundreds of Echo users. We are happy to announce the availability of a significant firmware upgrade for all Echo customers, build 2012.1213.1022. Packed inside of this firmware are tons of great enhancements, including:

  • Improve playback quality including deinterlacing/jitter issues
  • Native resolution mode
  • Fully functional Echo Settings webpage
  • Fix aspect ratios
  • Enhanced & corrected color space
  • Correction for “green” screen issues
  • A lot more!

There’s a lot more in the pipe, including support for Android apps in the future. To compensate for their growing pains, Ceton recently created a 90-day money back guarantee, and an extended two-year warranty, so if you’re on the fence about an Echo, it may be time to give it a  look.

Via: [Ceton]

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