Total Recall App Makes Second Screen Your First

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One of the worst parts of the second screen apps that have been trending with new movies on Blu-ray is that they’re distracting. You have to hold your tablet and look up and down from the TV to your lap and back again. Sony’s new Movie Touch App for Total Recall avoids all of that by making the second screen the first, as well.

When I’m watching a movie in the theater, be it cinema or at home, I don’t want the distraction and head-bobbing, but if I’m lying in bed, on the bus, or whatever, I feel a lot more open to the experience. Unlike previous second screen apps, this one can link to your UltraViolet account and stream the movie direct into the app. In addition , you can download a local version of everything from the movie to the behind-the-scenes videos, making the experience fully portable anywhere (allow 3.5GB for the movie and another two for the bonuses). In addition, you can share with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers anything you find particularly interesting right off of the timeline with a quick tap.

Is this likely to make hardcore cinemaphiles warm up to the digital second screen experience? Probably not, but the kids will probably dig it. Now they just need to integrate popular chat services and the whippersnappers will never leave, just like they never get off your lawn.

MovieTouch is currently available on iPad only, but given Sony’s close relationship with Android, if it’s successful there, I can’t imagine that an expansion isn’t close behind.

Download the Movie Touch App at iTunes.

Total Recall (Two Discs: Blu-ray + UltraViolet Digital Copy) [Blu-ray]
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