A Bargain Spin on The Merry-Go-Round

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By now, the story of Emitt Rhodes has been told in a fairly widespread manner with groundswells of support — to the point that, a couple of years ago, Rhino Records issued a 2-CD set compiling all four of his original solo albums (for Dunhill Records and A&M Records). If you aren’t familiar with him, do a bit of reading here first and also visit his official website at, but more importantly listen to some of his music.

In 2005, an import CD surfaced (Listen Listen: The Definitive Collection) containing the lone album by Emmit’s original band, The Merry Go Round. It sounded pretty good all things considered; however, in 2010 Sundazed Records reissued that Merry-Go-Round album on LP, with original artwork, a high quality heavy black vinyl pressing, and a period-accurate simulation.

So why am I writing about it now in 2012? Well, because Sundazed Records still has had it on sale for less than $10, and I think it’s high time you picked it up, dear reader!  You now have no excuse not to own something pretty darn close to the “real thing.”  Original pressings are going for at least $40 on eBay ($75 for a DJ copy). But you can order the reissue directly from Sundazed Records now for a whole lot less.

While you’re at it, pick up the 2-CD compilation set from Rhino. It contains his three Dunhill LPs — the eponymous first one is a lost pop classic, sounding very much like a solo album Paul McCartney could/should have made in 1970.

The set also contains an interesting, if awkwardly timed, album put out by A&M (to try to capitalize on the growing success of Emitt’s first solo album), including tracks that might have been on a second Merry-Go-Round LP had the band stayed together.  Some real good stuff here worth exploring!

One of my favorite Merry-Go-Round songs sounds like a lost Beatles outtake:

Some tracks from his still astounding first “real” solo album on Dunhill Records. This is not Paul McCartney. Really!

And to wrap things up, here are The Merry-Go-Round  on “Hollywood Palace” around 1967, lip-syncing to a medley of their hit singles at the time.

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