URC Introduces MX-890 Remote for Complete Control

Sections: Remote control, Smart Home

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If you’ve been following recent news from URC, you know that the company is touting its whole-house Total Control system. But what about the folks who only need a single-room home automation solution, or don’t necessarily need for every room to talk to every other? URC is showing some love to that customer base as well with the MX-890 Remote Control, the newest addition to its older Complete Control line.

One key benefit the MX-890 holds over its Total Control big brother is uber-customization. Total Control (at least as of this writing) relies heavily on templates to make sure every screen looks exactly the same no matter which room you’re in and which remote you’re using. The MX-890’s two-inch, high-resolution color screen allows users to control a variety of components with personalized buttons and customized graphics, so the remote looks exactly the way you want it.

The MX-890 is programmed with URC’s Complete Control Program software and includes support for up to 200 devices. The remote operates with IR and RF, and can be paired with a number of URC’s base stations so that users can control components from almost anywhere.

The MX-890 retails for $499. Perhaps a steep price at first glance, but actually a bargain considering all the the features this remote has to offer, as well as its flexibility. For more information visit URC or call 800.901.0800.

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