CinemaNow Delivers Disc to Digital from the Comforts of Home

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Best Buy’s CinemaNow service has gone one step further than Walmart’s disc-to-digital program by allowing you to bring your DVDs to the cloud without leaving the comfort of your home. For $2 (SD), or $5 (HD), you can get UltraViolet compatible copies of your DVD collection. After checking the list (twice!), insert your DVDs into the drive (right now only DVD conversion works, but Blu-ray support is promised in the future), click the button and pay your money, and the titles will automatically be added to your UltraViolet account through your CinemaNow account

UltraViolet studios have been aggressive in spreading the cloud-based gospel to their catalog titles, Warner has been giving away free movies by the handful, and many catalog reissues are carrying the moniker. With Disney sitting as the only major studio not playing the UltraViolet game, how much longer will it really be before UV is the standard?

If studios want to make that happen sooner rather than later, they need to become aggressive in unifying UltraViolet under a single login for all studios and preferably all vendors too. Ease of access is the real key here, and I know that the people behind the cloud are working hard to make it happen.

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