Get LED Christmas Lights at a 20% Discount

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If you love tech, chances are you probably like LED lights too, and what better kind of LED lights than Christmas lights?!  If you’ve ever bought them before, they can also be a little on the pricey side.  EnvironmentalLights has an offer to buy some more for next years’ display, though.  From today through January 13, you can get any of their LED Christmas lights at 20% off.

The Christmas sale includes 500 different types of LED lighting, so chances are you’ll find something that tickles your fancy.  Some of their bestsellers this seasons include C6 strawberry-shaped bulbs and incandescent lookalike mini M5mm bulbs, as well as non-traditional shapes such as G12mm globe bulbs and 3-channel chasing lights.

For a complete listing of on sale items, check out Environmental Lights holiday sale page.

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