NAD T 977 Seven-Channel Amplifier Combines High-Power and Eco-Friendliness

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NAD T 977 Seven-Channel Power AmplifierThe 2013 Consumer Electronics Show is getting closer and closer, which means more product announcements are starting to leak out ahead of the actual chaos in Las Vegas. This one, from NAD, should be of particular interest to home theater aficionados looking for some multi-channel power without putting undo stress on the environment. The company’s new T 977 Seven-Channel Amplifier promises to deliver 140 watts of “continuous, full disclosure power” for each of its seven channels, with a power supply designed more for performance with real-world speakers than with test-bench power ratings.

The amp also boasts a neat-sounding tech called PowerDrive, which adds a second high-voltage rail and promises to nearly double the amp’s effective power on transients. There’s also an optional Soft Clipping feature, which rolls off high frequencies as the amp approaches clipping to protect your valuable speakers.

Since the T 977 is designed for custom installers, it features a handful of features specifically aimed at that market, including cool running operation thanks to a forced air system and thermostatically fan; 12V triggers; and individual gain adjustments for each channel.

It also chews up a minuscule half a watt in standby mode.

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