LG Introduces Short-Throw DLP Projector

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With the end of Mitsubishi’s RPTV line, DLP fans who don’t have the room for a proper projector have been crying in their coffee, dreading their next TV purchase. For those fans, LG may be a savior in disguise, with a new projector that uses a laser illumination to throw a 100-inch image on an included screen from a mere 22 inches. On RPTVs, the laser system succeeded LEDs in DLP rear-projection, delivering better color and contrast ratios. The really neat thing about LG’s new toy, though, is that it includes a lot of smart TV features typically not associated with projectors. A according to the press release:

the Laser TV supports LG’s Smart TV platform, which includes a host of impressive features, from built-in Wi-Fi, premium content providers, like Netflix or YouTube, Smart World app store, to the easy-to-use Magic Remote*. The system also allows consumers to manage personal content, such as pictures, home videos and music libraries via USB or LG Cloud.

LG’s Smart TV platform provides a customizable dashboard and smart connectivity features that streamline access to content from compatible smartphones, laptops, storage devices and the Internet. With built-in WiDi and Wi-Fi direct (Miracast), content from any compatible external device can be wirelessly shared with the TV. Navigation of services and external devices via the dashboard is made easy with the Magic Remote which utilizes four modes of control – voice, gesture, point and wheel.

The laser-based illumination system uses specialized lamps embedded in the projection unit, delivering superior picture quality. This system can run for up to 25,000 hours without replacement, roughly five times longer than mercury-based lamps.

That’s great news for your wallet, and the environment. Short-throw projection systems are gaining in popularity in Asia, where small apartments and vertical living make both projection and larger TVs a tough sell, not to mention the fact that city dwellers typically do not have cars. It’s nice to see this model bring the concept to the forefront on this side of the Atlantic.

The lack of 3D is confusing, though, considering the tech is readily available from DLP, but maybe it’s something that will come later, on subsequent models. LG will have the official unveil in two weeks at CES 2013 in Las Vegas.

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