Save 10% at HDTracks Through the End of the Year

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With the all-but-death of audiophile formats SACD and DVD-Audio, those who don’t want the inconvenience of vinyl have been pretty well stuck when it comes to acquiring their favorite music in a format that isn’t a loudness-war-squashed CD. Thankfully HDTracks has stepped in to fill the gap. You can download DRM-free FLAC versions of your favorite music in hi-resolution, usually 96Khz/24-Bit or higher, and even in 5.1 mixes when they’re available. Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, the Flaming lips and a lot more are there or the classic listener, and the GenXers and Millennials can groove on Green Day, Mumford and Sons, Dream Theater or Muse.

Now through the end of the year you can get 10% off with code yearend10. Just apply it at checkout. Please note that this code only works once and on one order, so make sure you’ve got everything you’re looking for before hitting “buy.”

[Get your favorite high-res tunes now at HDTracks]

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