BenQ Projectors Make Seamless Video Walls a Reality in New Texas Museum

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Earlier this month, the Perot Nature and Science Museum opened in Dallas Texas, featuring a unique exhibit that exploits the capabilities of the BenQ’s short-throw features the BenQ MW860USTi:

This project was a unique, high-profile installation that required the projection of large moving images on a 55-foot wall from a very close distance,” said Joe Phillips, Director of Business Development for Delcom and integrator of the Perot Museum’s interactive running wall exhibit. “We chose the BenQ MW860USTi because no other short-throw projector provided comparable brightness and DLP quality at such a close range. We knew that the installation would experience heavy usage, so we needed a projector without any color decay from prolonged operation. The MW860USTi provided the connectivity and network termination needed to work with all the other components of the project.”

BenQ’s projectors will be powering the exhibit for years to come, and should they ever want to make it 3D, the system is ready to go for that as well. Given the confines of my media room, I’ve been looking for a good short-throw projection solution like this for a while now. To see BenQ’s solution being used in such a public forum definitely ups the confidence factor!

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