Amazon Deal of the Week: The Twilight Zone Complete Blu-ray for $149.99

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Many people consider The Twilight Zone to be quite possibly the best written television series of all time. Full of timeless tales of morality, of loss, and surprise, some of the greatest talents of the mid-century both in front of and behind the camera leant their skills to the over 150 episodes that can now be yours on Blu-ray disc. If you’ve never seen The Twilight Zone, then you’ll be shocked to find out how much of it you’ve really seen, in the form of homages, copies, parodies and other references that permeate our popular culture.

The entire series was shot on film (with the exception of a few episodes in the middle where the network tried to save money) allowing for a true high definition presentation of the series for the first time. Better yet, black and white seems to really attain its true luster in HD, with the expanded grayscale and definition on hard edges.

Now if we could only get Serlings’s followup Night Gallery re-transferred since all its masters only exist on video. With a new Twilight Zone series going to pilot for CBS next fall, it may only be a matter of time.

Buy it now: The Twilight Zone: The Complete Series [Blu-ray]

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