Samsung Upgrades 2012 Smart TVs to 2013 SmartHub Specs

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As Editor-in-chief Dennis Burger mentioned in his review of the UN55ES8000F 8000 Series Samsung LED, the company designed its 2012-model Smart TVs to be fully upgradeable to the latest SmartHub specs via its back-panel Evolution Kit. Of course, we’ve heard campaign promises like this before, so it’s nice to see Samsung keeping its word on this one. The upcoming Evolution Kit will include an upgrade for both CPUs and GPUs to bring 2012 models up to full 2013 specs, according to this piece at SammyHub.

Evolution Kit has opened a new era of Smart TV and completed a true Smart TV with its innovative concept, which fits in the rapidly changing IT trends. Consumers can enjoy the latest features and services every year without having to purchase a brand new set. Samsung Smart TV users will enjoy Timeless TV that transcends time with Evolution Kit.

Personally, this makes me dream of all the other upgrades that manufacturers could implement. I’ve been waiting and hoping for app-based DVD-Audio and SACD packages for years. Is that sort of thing even possible? Maybe, maybe not. It’s important to note that Samsung planned this ahead of time, and included the requisite connections on last year’s TVs. But this definitely  is going to make the other manufacturers take notice. After all, who hasn’t bought a piece of gear only to end up looking longingly at the new features on the next year’s model? This kind of feature helps build brand loyalty, and definitely takes some of the hesitation out of buying the latest and greatest technology.

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