CES 2013: Lemmy Introducing Motörheadphönes

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Even though the top-end Motörhead-branded headphones (aptly named Motörheadphönes) include on-board controls, an in-depth discussion of those features seems like overkill. Any phönes endorsed by Lemmy really only require two settings: “Off” and “Louder Than Everything Else.” To hell with EQ.

I have no idea how these things sound. And forgive me if I’m a little skeptical of celebrity-endorsed cans (I’m talking to you, Beats by Dr. Dre). But check out the Motörheadphönes website. There’s no denying Lemmy’s phönes look badass. Slap Joe Petagno’s War Pig logo on anything and the badass-ness is automatically increased by a factor of ten.

Motörheadphönes, available now in the UK and making their official US debut at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (complete with an appearance by Lemmy himself!), come in over-ear and in-ear varieties. There are three over-ear models (Bomber, Iron Fist, and Motörizer) and two in-ear models (Overkill and Trigger) available in three finishes, all ranging from $49.99 to $129.99. The top-of-the-line Motörizer model includes the on-board controls that (depending on your smartphone brand) adjust volume, pause, play, play forward, fast forward and rewind, fast rewind, answer, hang up, put on hold, switch between calls, voice control, and take photos and videos.

For more information visit the Motörheadphönes website.

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